About our project

The project ‘Anhinga Study’ was created by Anhinga company to help companies educate their employees in foreign languages and improve their speaking skills. But this is not just an ordinary language school. We offer English and German classes for (mostly, but not only) Russian speaking employers and employees in the sphere of services (hotels, restaurants and cafes, souvenir shops, etc.)

In 2020, we all faced a terrible problem that hurt the sphere of tourism, but we realize that it can’t last forever, and soon tourists from different countries will be back to the Czech Republic. That’s why we decided to create some special study programs to support people who work in this sphere of business. However, we are delighted to offer other programs for different types of companies and their purposes as well - you can find our offers here.

Our huge advantage is that we can work with Russian speaking clients because our specialist is a Russian native speaker. But at the same time, we can provide lessons for people who already have some knowledge of English and German, at least at the level of A2 (Pre-Intermediate), and want to improve their skills. You can get tested for free.

Our offers
Currently, we can provide ONLY online classes | Offline classes are TEMPORARILY unavailable.

  • Individual and group lessons (up to 5 people)

  • English and German for academic purposes

  • English speaking club (speaking club in the German language is temporarily unavailable)

  • Intensive courses In English and German (according to your needs)
  • Business English

  • Business German

  • Special offers (individually adjusted according to your business sphere, demands, and purposes)

  • Special offer for touristic sphere: besides classes for employees, we can provide a check of your menus and all the inscriptions in foreign languages, and translation of necessary texts and inscriptions in English, German, and Russian)

English and German lessons for hotel staff can help you to start communicating with foreign customers without any problems, extend your vocabulary in this sphere and improve your speaking and listening skills.

Cafe and restaurant

English and German lessons for the cafe and restaurant staff (waiters and waitresses, managers, hostess and so on) which can help you to provide the service for foreign customers and solve any possible issues easily.

Super bonus! Apply till the end of August for courses and get the menu check for free! (I’ll check the whole menu and dish names and descriptions in English, German, and Russian languages)


English and German lessons for shop assistants in souvenir shops can help you to sell your goods to foreign customers and help them to make the right choice.

Our teacher

Let us introduce our specialist, teacher, and methodist.

Sofia, 30 years old, was born in Russia, but she relocated to the Czech Republic in 2019. Sofia graduated from Far Eastern Pedagogical University in 2012, but she started teaching in 2009. She has worked as an independent private tutor for English and German languages; she has worked as a teacher and methodist for a general public school and several language schools and studios (both online and offline); she has worked as an English teacher providing corporate classes in BOSCH company. Currently, Sofia is developing her own language projects as well, but we were lucky to get her as a team member and leading specialist to our team.

Besides her diploma and certificate in advanced training courses, Sofia also has a recognition of her education in the Czech Republic provided by Charles University in 2020. In 2017, she passed the CAE exam (Cambridge English Advanced).

Price list
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10-hour training
Coffee and lunch
Course files to your email in PDF
Individual consulting
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