Online studio SpeakEng.PRO includes all the best components
of effective foreign language learning in one place.
Here you will find proper attention and care for your results, the most convenient form of studying
and practicing, individually adjusted programs and schedule, and affordable prices
Welcome to SpeakEng.PRO
SpeakEng Club is an efficient way to practice
and develop your English
if you have already studied the language before (even just a bit)
There are a lot of advantages to taking part in SpeakEng Club:
  • Communication in a small group
    You have the chance not only to press or share your opinion but also to listen to the other members of the group
  • Vast amount and variety of new vocabulary
    Before and after each session, you’ll get a list of relevant phrases and words for daily usage
  • Up-to-date and relevant topics for discussion
    We collected the most essential and important topics for discussion, and our list is renewed all the time
  • Beneficial prices
    Studying in a group is always more beneficial than individual lessons. And buying a monthly card, you get an additional discount
  • More independent but still regular way of studying
    One of the most important parts of studying foreign languages is regularity. If you are afraid that you won’t find time to take the whole course, SpeakEng Club is the best solution for you.
  • A flexible schedule
    We provide a flexible schedule and several options for your choice, so you can easily join any group of your level
A single participating
A monthly card
costs 7€
costs 22€ (4 sessions!)
lasts 90 minutes
One session
One session
lasts 90 minutes
A single participating
costs 7€
A monthly card
costs 22€ (4 sessions!)

In case you want to take more sessions during one month, you can buy two monthly cards (or more) for ONE month - it's okay

You get one session for free for each friend you bring to us, who bought
How it looks like:
First, you fill out the application form. Check please that you send us the correct contacts; otherwise, we won’t be able to reach you
Our manager or teacher herself (depends on her schedule) will contact you via the messenger you chose in the application form. You will get an appointment for the consultation. Consultations are provided only by the teacher. It lasts about 10-20 minutes, and free of charge
Be prepared to get the diagnostic test for your current level of English - we do it to form groups where all students feel comfortable. You will have up to 3-5 days to do the test so that you won’t be in a hurry
When the group is formed, you’ll get a couple of options about the time and the date(s) of the sessions - we do it this way to take into account all students’ time options and keep the schedule flexible and convenient for everyone
A day before the session, you’re informed about the topic and get the list of relevant vocabulary. It’s not homework! It’s only an opportunity to be awarded what’s gonna be in the session
We study online. Usually, we use GoogleMeet or Zoom, but it can be another platform if it’s necessary. It's okay NOT to use your camera if you don’t want it - the main thing is that we can hear you well
We also provide a common chat in the messenger all participants choose - it’s a convenient option to keep in touch and get all the relevant information. The communication in the chat is ONLY in English (for your additional practice)
A PROfessional works with you!
We’re glad to introduce the founder of SpeakEng.PRO studio, leading teacher and methodologist - Sofia!

  • Teaching experience in English and German since 2009 (almost 13 years);
  • Education: Linguist-teacher, Faculty of 'Theory and Methods of Teaching Foreign Languages ​​and Cultures' (graduation of 2012) recognized by Charles University (Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic) in 2020 - corresponds with Mgr.
  • CAE certificate (international exam Cambridge Certificate in Advanced English) in 2017
  • Professional development course for teachers in 2019
  • SpeakEng PRO studio is registered in the Czech Republic, where Sofia has been living since the beginning of 2020
  • Teaching activity:
⠀⠀▹teaching students of all age groups (from 3 to 68 y.o);
⠀⠀▹a private tutor for English and German languages;
⠀⠀▹a teacher at a public school and several private and language schools (including online schools);
⠀⠀▹a teacher at BOSCH (corporate business English);
⠀⠀▹a methodologist and teacher at one of the largest online English schools;
⠀⠀▹a leading teacher and methodologist at Anhinga Study;
⠀⠀▹a founder of the language studio SpeakEng PRO, leading teacher and methodologist;
  • Location: Czech Republic
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